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Welcome to my new website. I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I had creating it. I spent some time contemplating whether or not I would include a blog on the site; as they say, you have to keep the content current and up-to-date. I can’t promise I will be able to keep up regularly, but thought I would give this a go.

The way I envision it, this blog will serve a number of purposes:

First, it will be a repository of additional past work of significance to my professional, personal, intellectual, and political development. I have a lot of works out there that have lived their lifetimes, but thanks to the magic of digital archives, remain with me. I intend to share some of these important pieces here to offer a better understanding of where I’ve been, and what has gotten me here.

Second, also intend to share insights into recent and current work, and provide information on the processes, thoughts, and actions that go into the media I create. I will use this space to share my recent experiences with the technology, travel, and relationships all tied to the work I do.

So keep an eye on this page. There are some exciting things coming up!